Audibel Hearing Aid

Audibel Via Hearing Aid
Audibel Via Hearing Aid
Supplier: City Hearing Aids

Manufacturer from Bengaluru, Karnataka

Audibel A4 IQ Gold Hearing Aid
Audibel A4 IQ Gold Hearing Aid
Supplier: C-DAC Knowledge Park

Service Provider from Bengaluru, Karnataka

Audibel Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aid
Audibel Smartphone Compatible Hearing Aid
Supplier: Medicare Surgical

Distributor / Channel Partner from New Delhi, Delhi

Audibel ITE Hearing  Aid
Audibel ITE Hearing Aid
Supplier: Surbhi Enterprises

Retailer from Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir

Audibel Single-Sided Hearing Aid
Audibel Single-Sided Hearing Aid
Supplier: Nurture Speech & Hearing Diagnostic Center

Nursing Homes / Clinics / Hospitals from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Audibel offers a series of product lines designed to improve hearing in a variety of ways. As a basically full-service hearing aid company, Audibel produces a wide range of hearing aid types and styles including: BTE, ITE, ITC, IIC, CIC, RIC. Their primary product lines are below. Please note that while they make several different types of hearing aids, you should definitely check with your doctor to determine the best type of hearing aids for you.

The Starkey Muse iQ i2400 is a premium technology level hearing aid manufactured by Starkey. It incorporates a quad core twin compressor and dedicated music processing for enhanced music listening. In addition, with immersive technologies, it provides listeners with a 3D spatial soundscape of the listening environment for enhanced sound quality.

Audibel Hearing Aid Price in India

Product NameApprox Price in INR
Audibel A4 IQ Platinum Hearing Aids Rs. 20000.00 / Box
Audibel Via 1600 RIC Hearing Aid Rs. 5000.00 / price
Audibel A4 IQ Gold Hearing Aid Rs. 16999.00 / price
Audibel Tinnitus Hearing Aid Rs. 14999.00 / pair
Audibel Hearing Aids Rs. 18999.00 / pair