BTE Hearing Aid

BTE hearing aid is the most commonly used type of hearing aid and it stands for behind the ear hearing aid. BTE hearing aid comes in a number of sizes, shapes, and colors so some BTE models are much less conspicuous than others. This product is housed in a plastic case that fits behind the ear and has a tube that could connect it to an ear mold which fits in the ear canal.

Phonak BTE Hearing Aid

Widex BTE Hearing Aid

Resound BTE hearing Aid

Oticon BTE Hearing Aid

Oticon BTE Hearing Aid: BTE Hearing Aids is the best model of hearing Aids. These hearing aids sit behind the ear. The sound comes through a wire, thin tube, or tube that runs over the top of your ear and into your ear canal. Behind-the-ear hearing aids are the most common type of hearing device. When people get hearing aids, they start noticing sounds that they haven’t heard before. They also feel less tired and become more active.

Axon BTE Hearing Aid

Siemens BTE Hearing Aid

Siemens BTE hearing aids belongs to some best brands of BTE (behind the ears) hearing equipment in the market. This certain type of health personal care equipment offers higher easiness in hearing sounds in better clarity. Besides, all of the types are available in higher durability as well as best performance.

Sonic BTE Hearing Aid

Unitron BTE Hearing Aid

Elkon BTE Hearing Aid


Alps BTE Hearing Aid

BTE hearing aid parts

Below we have listed various parts of BTE hearing aid that a normal have.

BTE hearing aid price in India

BTE hearing aid cost depends on the brand or model. Below we provided a few best selling BTE hearing aid with an approx price.

Model/ Product Name Approx Price in INR
Menu Super Power ME 10 Sp Rs 51,000/ Piece
Widex Daily 30 Fa P BTE Hearing Aid Rs 1,20,000/ Piece
Digital BTE Hearing Aid Rs 14,000/ Piece
Oticon BTE Hearing Aid Rs 18,000/ Piece
UP Smart 798 DLW HP BTE, UP Smart 798 Rs 1,10,000/ Piece

BTE hearing aid is rather versatile and it comes in the most traditional analog style as well as in the recently popularized digitally powered style of hearing aid. If you are interested to acquire this product, you can read this article. It gives you important information about these hearing aid products that you can choose from.

ReSound X-plore Custom and BTE Hearing Aid

ReSound X-plore Custom and BTE Hearing Aid is the first option of BTE hearing aid that you can take advantage of. The Soft Switching automatically switches between omnidirectional and directional modes. 17-Band Warp compression could give superb sound quality based on fast processing and accurate resolution.

This hearing aid features Advanced DataLogging that could store information about how much you are using your hearing aid and the types of listening environments. 4 Customizable programs will allow for various listening environments in most models. NoiseTracker II noise suppression is able to deliver an efficient reduction of noise while preserving speech signals.

ReSound Azure Custom and BTE Hearing Aid

The second option of hearing aid that you can choose from is ReSound Azure Custom and BTE Hearing Aid. Using this product, you will be able to focus on the conversation in front of you without missing out on what is going on around you. The speed and precision of this unique approach to hearing instrument compression ensure near-zero distortion, remarkable purity, and extremely fast processing.

This BTE hearing aid could deliver individual amplification in seven different listening environments. With Environmental FineTuner, an initial personal loudness preference is decided in the fitting software. It could also be activated to monitor and further adjust to the user’s personal references in each environment.

ReSound Sparx High Power BTE Hearing Aid

Then, you can select ReSound Sparx High Power BTE Hearing Aid if you would like to have a hearing aid. It is the new super-power behind-the-ear hearing instrument. This unit meets the power demands of super-power users and leverages the core technologies of ReSound.

With a maximum gain of 81 dB and a peak output of 141 dB, this BTE hearing aid could deliver the power that super-power patients demand and give more usable gain than many other super-power hearing aids. This feature will make you sure about maximum audibility for super-power users.

Siemens Intuis BTE Hearing Aid

Also, Siemens Intuis BTE Hearing Aid is the right option if you need a hearing aid to fulfill your needs. It is created to deliver some of the latest hearing technology advances in performance, reliability, and comfort. Reliability is a standard feature of this kind of BTE hearing aid. Nano coating could repel perspiration, moisture, and debris to reduce the likelihood that these substances many damage the instruments.

Advantages of BTE Hearing Aids:


An earmold that doesn't fit properly or is damaged may cause acoustic feedback (squealing) in moderate to severe losses. To prevent this, the earmold may need to be remade periodically to ensure a good acoustic seal in the ear.

Hearing Aid Types:

Eargo: Best for Inner Ear Comfort
Lexie: Best Rewards Program
MDHearingAid: Best for Low-Cost Digital Hearing Aids
Audicus: Best for Low-Cost Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Phonak: Best for Group and Classroom Conversations
ReSound: Best for Telehealth Integration
Signia: Best for High-End Design
Starkey: Hearing Technologies: Best for Assistive Features
Widex: Best for Artificial Intelligence Features
Lively: Best Customer Experience

Top Suppliers and Dealers of BTE Hearing Aid

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
Sonova Hearing India Private Limited Mumbai Wholesaler
Sound Life Inc Ahmedabad Wholesale Trader
Saimo Import & Export New Delhi Wholesale Trader
E- Mold Techniques Ahmedabad Manufacturer
Times Health Care Chandigarh Service Provider
Innerpeace Health Supports Solutions Jaipur Manufacturer
Amplifon India Private Limited Gurgaon Manufacturer