CIC Hearing Aid

Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) is part of the "family" of the ITE hearing Aids. They fit inside your auditory canal where the hearing aid cannot be seen easily. This is the smallest available model on the market. The positive side is that they are very discreet; impressions of the ear canal are taken in order to craft the aids. However, it is very difficult to handle. The hearing aid is so deep that it comes with a plastic thread to pull it out which can be seen if one looks closely. They cannot be used on patients with severe hearing loss and the shorter life of the tiny battery is a disadvantage. Its location deep in the ear canal exposes the hearing aid to the severe human environment, limiting the lifespan of CIC to about 4 years. But to those who do not wish others to know they have a hearing loss, the appeal of this type of hearing aid is obvious.

Phonak CIC Hearing Aid

Phonak Completely In the Canal (CIC) hearing aid is the smallest and is worn within the ear canal. Due to the position within the ear, this hearing aid is the least visible and is suitable for those who have mild to moderate hearing loss.Check Phonak CIC hearing aid popular Models.

Siemens CIC Hearing Aid

Siemens CIC (Completely in the canal) style hearing aids are self-contained units that are custom fit to the shape of your ear canal. Also very discreet. These hearing aids are high-performing and helpful for peoples who have profound hearing loss. Check the latest Price of Siemens CIC hearing Aids Online.

Starkey CIC Hearing Aid

Starkey Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) aids are the tiniest hearing aids made. They usually require a "removal string" due to their size and the fact that they fit so deeply into the canal. This type of hearing aid builds more ear wax and moisture. Also due to the small size, there are no external controls, for adjustment, you must visit your Audiologist.

Widex CIC Hearing Aid

Widex CIC Hearing Aids are small, discreet, virtually invisible, comfortable fit and have noise reduction capabilities. Widex is one of the largest manufacturers of Completely-in-the-Canal hearing aids. There models like Widex Daily 100, Widex Daily D03 are quite popular.

Oticon CIC Hearing Aid

Oticon CIC hearing aids are designed to fit completely in your ear canal and these aids are completely unnoticeable and tiny in size. They are among the smallest hearing aids available on the market today.CIC aids are suited for a person with mild to moderate hearing loss and it is not advisable to children.

Alps CIC Hearing Aid

Alps CIC hearing aids are tiny, almost invisible, and are custom fitted to fit inside your ear. They are featured with conventional, programmable analog of digital hearing aid technology.CIC hearing aids are the best solution for hearing loss if you want to still enjoy life.

Unitron CIC Hearing Aid

These aids are smallest and most discrete of the in-the-ear hearing aids, however some of the latest digital technology found in equivalent ITE and ITC's is sacrificed due to the small size of these hearing aidsGet the best Unitron CIC Hearing Aids quote from top delears in India

Completely in the Canal (CIC) hearing aids are specially molded to fit inside the ear canal. The device acts very simply as the ear is meant to receive sound. The reception and amplification of sound are received directly in the ear canal. It is by far the least visible of all types of hearing aids and is also the least susceptible to picking up excess noise pollution from wind, traffic, etc. The size of these devices also makes it easier to handle phones and digital communication devices.

The downside to these types of hearing aids is that they are weaker by nature. They are only suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss and are also generally only suitable for adults. They also run on much smaller batteries which will either need to be replaced or recharged more frequently than those of other hearing aids.

The CIC hearing aids are certainly not appropriate for all users, and an audiologist should be consulted before making any purchasing decisions.

CIC Hearing Aid Price in India

Model Name Approx Price in RS
Signia Siemens Silk 16 Channel CIC Left Ear ₹17,450
Digital CIC Hearing Aids ₹78,995
Siemens Prompt Click Digital Right Ear Hearing Aid ₹8,000
Siemens S 12 Channels Intuis 3 Click CIC ₹12,999
Oticon GO PRO CIC Hearing Aid ₹27,000
Bernafone IN 3 CIC P Hearing Aid ₹40,000
Widex Flash FL-CIC Hearing Aid ₹40,000
ALPS DIN CIC Hearing Aid ₹12,500
Interton CIC Hearing Aid ₹9,500

Top Suppliers and Dealers of CIC Hearing Aid

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
Sonova Hearing India Private Limited Mumbai Wholesaler
Indian Audio Centre Chandigarh Manufacturer
Adroitec Information System Pvt. Ltd. Greater Noida Wholesale Trader
Best Hearing Solutions New Delhi Manufacturer
Hearing Solutions Lucknow Wholesale Trader
Veer International New Delhi Wholesale Trader
Hearing Aid Voice Solution New Delhi Wholesaler