Analog Hearing Aid




Analog Hearing Aid

Analog hearing aids work similarly to a microphone hooked up to a speaker, unlike digital hearing, analog hearing aids amplify all sounds equally. It basically sounds louder and clearer. It is discreet, reliable and affordable.

Analog hearing aids make continuous sound waves louder by amplifying all sounds (e.g. speech and noise) at the same frequency. Some analog hearing aids are programmable in which the hearing aid has different settings for different listening environments. These programmable analog hearing aids can store multiple programs and can be adjusted by an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser, as well as the user. It is important to note that most producers of hearing aids are no longer offering analog hearing aids.

Top Analog Hearing Aids Manufacturers

Analog Hearing Aids Price in India.

Product Name Approx Price INR
Siemens Analog Hearing Aid Rs. 20,000
Bernafon Analog Hearing Aids Rs. 9,500
ALPS Din BTE Analog Hearing Aids Rs. 4,000
Resound 793u BTE Analog Hearing Aid Rs. 5,750
CIC Analog Hearing Aid Rs. 8,000

Top Suppliers and Dealers of Analog Hearing Aid

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
Saimo Import & Export New Delhi Wholesale Trader
Shri Ganpati Sales New Delhi Exporter
Unicare Speech Hearing Clinic New Delhi Wholesale Distributor
Bhargava Hearing Aid Center Panchkula Wholesale Trader
R K Hear Care Kolkata Wholesale Trader
Rahi Hear & Care Ahmedabad Wholesale Trader