Siemens Hearing Aid

Siemens hearing aids are designed, engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art digital hearing equipment. Siemens offers a full line of custom hearing aids that include ITE, ITC and CIC styles as well as BTE (behind-the-ear) models, that enable those with hearing loss to communicate more easily and improve their quality of life. Siemens is among the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in world and suited for ages of all group of patients that have hearing problem.

Siemens Intuis Hearing Aid

The Siemens Intuis hearing aids come in all BTE and ITE models. Enjoy the pleasure of easy listening. Each model in the Intuis family offers a reliable, clear and comfortable listening experience. Intuis, a first-level hearing aid for people who need entry-level solutions to their hearing loss.

Siemens Lotus Hearing Aid

It is a new range of hearing aid that is affordable, reliable and delivers high-performance levels of hearing support. It just needs to get adjusted in your ear with the touch of a single button and its easy to improve your hearing. It’s made for people who have trouble hearing issues and attention, so this siemens lotus hearing aid is the best solution for them.

Siemens Signia Hearing Aid

Siemens Signia new is a hearing aid that performs the natural choice of hearing. It’s the united state affiliate of Sivantos Group which maintains a global headquarters in Singapore. It’s the world’s leading manufacturing company for hearing aids suppliers or those who lose to hear the sound. It also offers wireless streaming of music, calls, and Television audio with the help of Bluetooth and its mobile app serving as the hearing care in your pocket for access to the best service anywhere is a revolutionary step.

Siemens Orion Hearing Aid

Orion hearing aids by Siemens, come in a range of BTE(Behind The Ear) models for any level of hearing loss. It offers a high-quality listening experience with the added convenience of manual volume control.

Siemens Motion Hearing Aid

Siemens Motion hearing aids are among many Siemens hearing instruments that come with high quality and also performance. This is also one of some best hearing care professional device offered by many doctors and experts. With this certain device, people who have hearing loss problems could still enjoy their life and enjoying many activities.

Siemens Vita Hearing Aid

This hearing aid can match its color to your hair or skin color. The Orion and Sirion service provided by the Siemens Vita has exchangeable covers to meet your color preferences. This innovation can help you to hear better and focus on the things that really matter to you.

Siemens Nitro Hearing Aid

Siemens Nitro hearing aid is one of some recommended devices by hearing care professional you could trust to. The great performance as well as reliability helps you to hear any sounds in higher clarity. Surely, with the support of Siemens Nitro hearing aid, you can get back your freedom to enjoy your life.

Siemens Silk Hearing Aid

It’s the hearing AIDS, one among the world’s smallest invisible hearing aid. The silk hearing aids are almost invisible to the naked eye when they sit in the ear. These hearing aids are super soft making them comfortable for wearing. It is for those who don’t want a hearing tool so this invisible hearing aid works well for people having a problem with a lack of sound audibility.

Siemens Pure Hearing Aid

Siemens Pure hearing aids are a certain type among the best Siemens hearing equipment that bring higher efficiency for people with hearing loss problem. These digital hearing aids come with really useful features and technologies that will help them get back their convenience in hearing sounds.

Siemens Insio Hearing Aid

Siemens Insio hearing aids is one of the great Siemens hearing equipment recommended by many professionals out there. This device comes with great capability to increase the capability of people with hearing loss problems. Therefore, with the support of Siemens Insio hearing aids, people could still enjoy their lives in higher excitement.

Siemens Amiga Hearing Aid

It is a packet hearing aid available online at a starting price of 5990/-. These hearing aids are designed to provide a stylish look to the wearer and are comfortable for wearing. It can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth of phone or TV. It is a fun pas hearing aid with a high range of digital hearing proven by amigo hearing aid technology from Signia. The hearing aid has improved the connectivity in a remote area as well as for the wellness off society.

Siemens Pockettio Hearing Aid

The siemens pockettio hearing AID is a robust digital hearing aid. A simple and convenient solution to the hearing problem. It has 3 modes inbuilt in it, the wearer can switch between programs depending on the need. The pockettio depending on the hearing impairments and for the better understanding of your environment. It is cheap ear aid and of good quality for hearing aid suppliers. It is also one of a trusted brand known for providing hearing aids to the products of exceptional performance.

Siemens Life Hearing Aid

The siemens life hearing aids are behind the ear fusion hearing aid that has a push button and uses size 3/2 hearing aid batteries. These life hearing aids are flexible in nature and are built in a simplified manner avoiding complications. This hearing aid is equipped with high-quality sound experience with low power consumption resulting in longer battery life.

Siemens Sirion Hearing Aid

Hearing is one of the most unique and complex sensory perceptions but everybody’s ear becomes different when it comes to hearing ability. Some peoples hear well while some cannot. Because of such instances that many people are encountering hearing problems, the need for hearing aid devices arises and many companies are now out manufacturing and marketing these devices to aid solution to this kind of problem.

Siemens is one of the well-trusted brands in the market especially when it comes to different kinds of electronic devices and right now, they have put their expertise with their creation of the Siemens hearing aid. The people behind Siemens make sure that every Siemens hearing aid is made with state-of-the-art technology and offers the people more choices of function, style, and features that would suit anyone who is in need of a hearing aid.

Siemens hearing aid comes in a variety of choices and types to aid your hearing ability. One of which is the Aquarius type which lets you wear things even underwater. It is designed impressively and made into perfection and toughly built. It can be submerged under the water within 30 minutes in 3 feet without being damaged.

The different kinds of design that Siemens hearing aid has are Micro CIC or Completely-In-The-Canal hearing aid that is very much hidden and fits deeply in the ear canal. Another one of the Siemens hearing aid model is the ITC or In-The-Canal which also could pass unnoticeably and fits almost entirely in your ear canal, the Siemens ITE or In-The-Ear which was made to fit inside your ear, the Siemens BTE or Behind-The-Ear that is made to fit snuggly behind your ear, and probably the most unnoticeable of all and most convenient to use is the Siemens Open Ear Solution which features an ultra-thin tubing that is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Hearing impairment today has smart solutions. With various brands coming up with smart and enhanced hearing aids to help the hearing-impaired individuals to improve their hearing abilities, Siemens hearing aid offers the individuals the utmost comfort of hearing enabling easy adapting to the environment.

Siemens is the most trusted hearing aid brand offering durable, enhanced, and innovative hearing aid solutions in India. Its hearing aid products come with the most advanced and robust features. It produces the most robust automated, and digitized devices designed by ENT specialists of unique Hearing Care Centre. It is equipped with robust features. The Siemens hearing aid devices are the first to have Bluetooth connectivity incorporated in them. This Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones is used to stream and receive the phone call, all hands-free.

The Siemens hearing aid also features various remote-control options that can be accessed by connecting the device to the smartphone through the myControl app or both Android and Apple. This app is free to access. The device is easy to use and offers excellent natural-sounding audio. This device not only helps hearing-impaired individuals improve their hearing abilities but also helps them cope up with the surrounding quality of life and regain confidence.

Siemens has its hearing aid dealers spread across various cities of India. Hence, the dealer can be easily found in various cities enabling easy and hassle-free online purchasing. If you want to contact the Siemens hearing aid dealer then you can locate one through its website using the Siemens Hearing aid dealer locator by entering your location. You will get the details and contact information of Siemens hearing aid dealers available nearby. They will help you out in deciding the right hearing aid or your hearing impairment depending on your hearing disability condition and other requirements.

Siemens Hearing Aid Price List in India

Siemens hearing aid cost depends on the model of hearing aid that you are looking for. Below we provided a few best-selling Siemens hearing aid with an approx price.

Model/ Product Name Approx Price in INR
Siemens Intuis ITE Hearing Aids Rs 13,500/ Piece
Siemens Lotus 23SP Digital Hearing Aid Rs 15,758/ Piece
Siemens hearing aid 16 channels Rs 16,500/ Piece
Siemens Orion SP/RIC Hearing aid Rs 17,000/ Piece
Siemens Motion Sp 2 Px Bte Hearing Aid Rs 26,500/ Piece
Siemens Nitro 3mi CIC Hearing Aids Rs 34,990/ Piece
Signia Siemens Silk 16 Channel CIC Left Ear Hearing Aid Rs 17,450/ Piece

Top Suppliers and Dealers of Siemens Hearing Aid

Supplier NameCityBusiness Type
Saimo Import & Export New Delhi Wholesale Trader
SFL Hearing Solutions Private Limited Greater Noida Wholesaler
Shri Ganpati Sales New Delhi Exporter
Waves Hearing Aid Center Hyderabad Wholesaler
Shrobonee Howrah Retailer
Hearing Aid Voice Solution New Delhi Wholesaler
Umang Speech & Hearing Aid Center New Delhi New Delhi Wholesale Trader